Launching new businesses

2.350, 0‚¬ 650,0‚¬ / month for 2 months

It includes:

  1. Design or redesign Web: in order to turn the visits into clients
  2. Positioning of 4 key words: during 4 months (a word in 1ª page every month)
  3. Optional: If the client begins to generate income are recommended to continue with the SEO campaign

This SEO Ilimtado plan includes words of lower middle competition but of high quality:

  • Strategy and work of decided key words with the client
  • Access to the Web to manage SEO onpage
  • SEO in off page (linkbuilding, strategy€¦)
  • Monthly information


There are no valuations still.

I know first in valuing €œLaunching new businesses€

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