In this post I want to speak to you of how I am being able to help people who want to undertake in Internet and I am going to speak to you of real people, who have happened to work in a warehouse to receive more than 40 requests the month in their Web and to let their work to work from house.

Now I have several entrepreneurs in hand, among them honors Rafa S¡nchez with a wonderful project of customized songs to give in weddings, birthday or celebrations. I myself I have ordered mine to him! More beautiful gifts are not happened to me to realise than to do it with a customized song, the truth.

As much with Rafa, as with Marc of whom it spoke to you at the home of the post I am applying the method to design a Web that turns and to make SEO of low average competition. It is my fast form to help to entrepreneurs with design Web and SEO.

I had the pleasure yesterday to interview Marc so that it told everything you what we have done so that can live on its project: A sport Travel agency and to leave its work in the warehouse. It looks at the video because it is worth the trouble:


0:00 €“ Story the profits of Marc
1:10 €“ Marc counts its case: to work in a warehouse to create its Travel agency online
4:10 €“ How he began to obtain his first potential clients
8:20 €“ What strategy we have followed with Marc
12:40 €“ Steps that Marc followed to undertake in Internet
14:40 €“ My reflection on the success of Marc
16:30 €“ Summary of the keys of the success of Marc
19:20 €“ Advice of Marc for whom they want to undertake
23:10 €“ the next steps that are going to give Marc
26:40 €“ Dismissed