The positioning SEO is something fundamental nowadays if it is wanted to live on a digital business. When we spoke of SEO, we talked about to the set of used techniques so that a webpage appears between the first positions when you take to end a search. To greater quality of the positioning, major probability of being visited by a person who is looking for information referring to that subject. Than the SEO treats when using is of which we become a page of reference forced for visitors of a concrete matter. By all means, the SEO to be totally effective, also is accompanied by marketing action, especially participation in social networks and looking for important connections that favors the diffusion in the network.

To use techniques SEO advantages will grant you numerous, as they are certain prestige or name in sector of that you speak and in Google, being good way to promote you, that it has major number of visitors that buys your product or service, that visits more people to you, and mainly you will make more money and the SEO will be compatible with all the navigators.

Result of positioning image SEO images

The SEO is in the Key words. We select a keyword, we have to put it in the title and the headings. Also we can lean in the Metadescripci³n, that is a text of 160 characters that serve so that people can become an idea of the subject of which we are speaking. Utlizaremos images, always assuring to us that correctly they are labeled for the purposes of which Google is not confused about the content of these.

The three main factors of the SEO have to be that it is useful, that has quality contents and that are clear and it is understood without difficulty by the visitor.

By all this, he is recommendable to make a SEO WordPress Course where to learn all the techniques necessary to improve the Web in all the technical aspects in which Google gives more importance, as they can be the speed of load, the labels, metatags, titles, images, etc. Based on the level of competition of the word to position to optimize the page you can be or nonsufficient to position on the front page. If the competition is higher, this will be a nonsufficient necessary condition but since in addition to optimizing the Web we will have to accompany it by a positioning campaign SEO that is able to accelerate the results to begin to generate income as rapidly as possible. If the competition level is under are occasions that simply optimizing the Web already we can appear on the front page of Google.

Among others things in the SEO de WordPress Course we will learn to form thorough in better plugin of WordPress to optimize the Web for the positioning that is not other that: WordPress SEO by Yoast.