Surely already many at this point have put in practice their strategies of marketing for Christmas. But also it is certain that, many others not yet have found the way or they have not worried for that reason.

One of the best forms to arrive at your clients is through email marketing. Although many forms exist to arrive at the clients; this it offers the opportunity to you to interact more directly.

We offer a series to you of advice so that your strategies of marketing for Christmas are successful. You can apply to these advice through email marketing and will obtain very good results.

  • To realise a calendar: in this you can place the most important dates of the time. After this it plans the supplies and promotions that you can offer for these dates. This way you would not fail your clients to him.
  • To raise objectives: after which you culminate the calendar because the objectives are due to raise. Thus you will be able to determine what is what you want with the email campaign marketing. The following questions can be formulated. What you want to obtain? He is useful for the business? How long you have to apply the strategy?
  • Launching of the campaign: according to realised studies the best dates are between the 15/11 and the 15/12. Through email marketing you can send the promotions to your clients in these dates. It never is very behind schedule nor very early to do it.

Types of strategies of marketing for Christmas


Some of the best strategies can be the following:

  • Flatteries and gifts: as all we know to the people they enchant to us to receive flatteries and gifts. At this time you can offer a product or service to your faithful clients. If you want to be right in flattery reviews the file of purchases. This way you will realize that product type it likes.
  • Gratefulness: the best thing than you can make fidelizar to the clients is being thankful to him. All we know that the time of Christmas is to reconcile and mainly to be thankful. You do not stop passing this opportunity and through email marketing it offers gratefulness to all clients.
  • Drawings: this type of strategy has become an amulet of good luck. Not only at the time of Christmas, but also the rest of the year. Different types from drawings exist, but lately with the arrival of the technology these are better.

So the possibilities are many that the email offers marketing to send your campaign of Christmas. You do not let pass the opportunity and takes into account all these advice.


Post written by Malaga door-to-door